MistralPay’s focus on fraud detection and prevention
allows you to buy or sell products, in the knowledge
that your account is operating in a secure environment.
Your financial and personal datais secured and stored
with advanced encryption tools.

MistralPay Account

Personal and Business accounts are identified by email addresses, passwords and personal codes. The passwords are encrypted in the MistralPay secure database: nobody, not even MistralPay staff, can view customer password.
Only customers can change their passwords; furthermore MistralPay implements features to monitor all accounts and servers 24-hours-a-day to prevent fraudulent activities.


Our servers are monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by highly-qualified personnel, trained to detect intrusion attempts into the system.
Your safety is our priority. We take all precautions to ensure privacy and data integrity. Of course, for security reasons, we do not list all the security policies implemented. However, if you want more details, please send us an e-mail to with your personal information, including your ID and telephone number to communicate with our specialists. MistralPay staff will activate all safety procedures to verify your identity.


  •  Remember: Never show your personal password to another person. A password will be safe if you are the only one to know it. MistralPay prevents the possibility of a recognition random password, through a series of locking mechanisms and monitoring. MistralPay keeps a detailed log of login attempts, whether they succeeded or failed, and for attempts made ​​over a given period.
  •  MistralPay staff will never ask you for your personal password.
  • If you suspect that someone may have obtained your personal password, change your user data immediately.
  • It is important to choose a personal password that is hard to guess by using a combination of letters and numbers. Do not choose passwords that are obvious, such as your birthday, or words that can be obtained from a dictionary.( #_%[£& )
  •  Always check the authenticity of the site on which you are authenticating.
  • Never reply to emails that ask you to send your password or to connect to untrusted sites.