MistralPay offers turnkey solutions that
simplify payments and reduce costs.

Merchant Account

We offer Vertical Industry Solutions related to Gaming, Digital Goods and Social Entertainment. It is possible to accept payments and use our anti-fraud services for free. Direct integration via XML/API is offered for certified customers.


You can accept and send payments in over 40 currencies including Euros, Dollars and Pounds Sterling, and view the constantly updated exchange rates.


MistralPay is secure. Our software ensures a high level of fraud control. You will never have to enter the digits of your credit card details when you purchase something using MistralPay.


MistralPay costs are always specific and clear for every category.
MistralPay advisors are always active to find the best solution for our customers.


MistralPay is an online service that allows you to pay and receive payments from virtually anyone who has signed on with an e-mail address.


Increase your sales by including MistralPay on your website as a payment system. Your customers will have an easy, fast and secure way to make their purchases with a credit card and through their MistralPay Account.


Simply map your credit card or send a wire transfer to make payments with your MistralPay Account.