MistralPay Account

  • Send payments without sharing financial information.
  • Buy safely from trusted sellers.
  • No set-up fees, no monthly fees.

Secure online shopping

MistralPay is the secure way of buying online from your favourite shops, in the knowledge that your payment details are in safe hands. As soon as you open a MistralPay account, you can start shopping online by using your email and password.
On checkout, merchants will immediately receive your payment, and your credit card information will not be shared with anyone. You will also receive an email reporting your purchase.

Send payment request

You can request payments from anyone,
just enter the counterparty’s email address, the amount you are requesting and MistralPay will do the rest.

Think simple

No fees, no fixed cost.
MistralPay account is completely free for your payments.
A real alternative to send and receive payments.

Explore new opportunities

MistralPay offers business solutions that reduce costs,
and simplify making and collecting payments.
Build custom payment solutions with confidence,
MistralPay doesn’t share customers’ financial information.

The easy way to make and collect payments

Save time by sending payments to suppliers, freelancers and employees in real time.
Collect money from anyone with no hidden fees.

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